Have a great week ahead! Remember this on your Monday morning tomorrow:

Loving will always mean giving something up. But no matter where your path leads you in this world, when Christ is your guiding light, you can trust that there is great joy and an eternal reward awaiting you.

We see an unwavering example of this in St. Marie-Azélie “Zélie” Guérin Martin. She is well known for being mother to St.Thérèse of Lisieux, but was also a remarkably talented woman: she was shrewd in business, quick and intelligent. Her energy was extraordinary, and she rapidly became successful in her undertakings both as a mother and entrepreneur in 19th century Normandy, France.

Carry on Bravely

We are inspired, and reminded of her encouragement and perseverance in her quote: "The good Lord does not do things by halves; He always gives what we need. Let us then carry on bravely!"

Our brave, wandering bear rounds out our design and delivers a sense of purpose and strength.

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